About Us

Olympus Housing provides a wide variety of off campus housing options for students and interns with all different budgets. In addition, Olympus Housing offers intern housing, student housing and corporate housing at different location near Kaplan Washington DC language school, Georgetown, George Washington University, Inlingua, ILI, Mentora, ICLS. Our apartments are perfect for students and interns because they are fully furnished. Moreover, residents do not have to be bound by year-long leases if they only have short term housing needs.

 So, these solutions that Olympus Housing provides ease the process of international students who are new to the area to settle in. We will help you feel at home! Residents will find the apartments nicely furnished and equipped with televisions and high-speed internet.

Our Services

We can help you fit your needs with a variety of rooms in Washington DC. So, Olympus Housing  have private rooms & shared rooms. Olympus Housing will match you with the perfect off campus housing options according to your budget. Also, we can match roommates according to age and habits, which also eases the transition for students and interns to live in a new place. After all, a friendly relationship with roommates encourages a great deal of conversation a for students and interns. We will find the right solutions for you to get the most of your experience in this area.

Our excellent customer service does not end there! More importantly, Olympus Housing`s goal is to help you accommodate yourself comfortably and happily in your new housing. We offer the convenience of airport-transfer services to bring you to your new home. Our staff deal with cleaning  before each move-in, and we also provide free cleaning services. Student residents do not have to worry about utility costs! Also, we are available to assist you in any housing concerns twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.Therefore, Olympus Housing will make a home for you.

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